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How did we start?

Our passion for dobermanns started in 1994 when we acquired (without any prior research or knowledge) our first dobermann from American show lines, due to their lack of drives, diminished instincts, shy character and unsure temperament of this bloodlines we decided to investigate about real working bloodlines and the research resulted on studying the german bloodlines.


It was until fall 2006 we had the opportunity to go to Germany to "Vom Rosseltal" kennel property of Mr. Horst Gerhold, from that visit we got Afra vom Rosseltal daughter of Ghandy von der Mooreiche from one of the most prestigious working kennel of all times "Von der Mooreiche". And she was the foundation bitch of our breeding program.


In 2007 we bought Graaf Ulrich van Neerlands Stam a dog from European show lines who had an amazing prey drive, solid nerves and desire to please and work like no other, from the oldest dobermann kennel in the world "van Neerlands Stam" in Holland.

In 2008 we had our first "A" litter out of Afra vom Rosseltal and Graaf Ulrich van Neerlands Stam, that was the commence of our breeding program.

In 2009 we got Juma v Blitzkrieger from the Canadian Kennel "Blitzkrieger", Juma was previously owned by our friend Juan Fernandez from Fernandez Dobermann Kennel.

Also in 2009 we traveled to Spain and got Wendy de Covalta, whom after 4 months developed an osteoma in the under jaw.


In 2010 we got Mosz vom Ferrenberg and litter mate Mamba vom Ferrenberg, from Elke Albrecht in Germany. Both dogs from Bosz vom Burghof and Escara vom Ferrenberg. Both of this dogs were a fundamental step on our breeding.

In 2012 we got Apollo vom Nordland from Germany and he also formed part of our breeding program.

In 2015 we made a trip to Italy and got Altengarde Hurricane, from Federico Pongelli, this trip unchained a tremendous friendship between us, unfortunately Hurricane died a couple of months after arriving to Mexico due to pneumonia.

So we returned in 2018 to Altengarde Kennel and got Altengarde McLaren and developed more friendship and brotherhood with Federico Pongelli.

In 2018 Katie Schwarzwaelder and Ferro vom Bergkönig won the IPO 3 American National Championship of the United Doberman Club UDC.

In 2019 Katie and Ferro went and compete at the biggest Dobermann sport event the IDC International Dobermann Club World Championship for IPO 3.

Weeks later in May 2019 Katie and Ferro won the UDC National Championship for 2 years in a row.

The base of our kennel are European imported dogs from the best working bloodlines in the world. Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain are the countries where our dogs were imported. Our objective is to breed healthy, well structured, great temperament dogs that can be in a family environment and perform the function wich the breed was made: "To Guard and Protect".

We are fans of dog-sports mainly IPO before known as Schutzhund and now known as IGP, sport which we think its a great tool to evaluate the abilities and conditions of every working dog.

This is a brief description of how this adventure began, we are sure it will cost effort, dedication and sacrifices but at the end it will be worth it!


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