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We strive to breed 100% European Working bloodlines. Health and working attributes are our main concerns. We began our breeding journey in 2008 and have proudly exported our puppies to countries like: Germany, Italy, Australia & Puerto Rico.

you are looking for a show dog, massive head, oversize dog, overweight dog, bulky body, this is NOT the place you should be looking at, but if you are looking for: 


Strong instincts, high drives, fortitude, steadiness, mettle, character, temperament, mental recovery, intensity, courage, bravery, determination, willingness to please, workability, longevity, dogs suitable for bite sports and personal protection this kennel might be one of the best options to consider.


We provide health and workability guarantees in all our puppies as well as full AKC registration. Some working kennels that have puppies from our breeding program are:

We are always looking for "Working homes" families or individuals that are looking to participate in dog sports such as Schutzhund now known as IGP, PSA, French Ring, Mondio Ring, American Schutzhund, etc... Working homes will always have priority picking the individuals from the litter that show more capabilities and intensity.

The following is a questionnaire so we can know more about yourself as a future owner, this will give us a better idea of what are you looking for and what style of living you have regarding activities, sports, etc... If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out our application questionary and send it to:, I will also recommend you read the article "The Dobermann Bloodlines" so you can have a better idea about the existing bloodlines.

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