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In this section you may find important and historical articles and interviews about the breed and succesful breeders specially on the working bloodlines.

Our UDC - United Dobermann Club “Schutzhund” History - By Rene Benavides & Tammy Marshall-Weldon

The Dobermann Bloodlines - By Rene Benavides

Tribute to Von Der Mooreiche - By Rene Benavides

Dobermann Breeding in Germany 1985-2004 - By Hannu Asumaa

Alida v Flandrischen Lowen- By Alison Kollenberg

Manfred Lerner - A Real Dog Man  - By Lisa Schuler

Breeding History of Kennel Furstenfeld - By Bitten Jonsson

Furstenfeld and Forell - By Massimo Santini

Von Furstenfeld - By Simon Rietveld

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